Concept Fitness 65

Health & fitness for the older generation


Fitness classes, personal training, massage treatments, Mobiflex mobility sessions for seniors and Mobiflex mobility for sports in Bradford on Avon and Bath.


Plus My Wellness Sicily – relaxation, rejuvenation, fitness and culture in the sun in Agrigento, Sicily.

Seniors Personal Trainer

Private fitness training for the over 65’s. A bespoke progressive exercise programme to optimise your exercise time. Discover what you really need to make you stronger physically and mentally, improve stamina, last longer at work or play, and increase your energy to that of your former years.

Mobiflex: Seniors

Group mobility and flexibility classes, mobility and flexibility can decrease as we age – this one hour Mobiflex: Senoirs class guides you through a gentle warm up, smooth movement of the joints, and a gradual increase in flexibility – leaving you feeling absolutely fabulous and relaxed.

Mobiflex: Sport

A class for sport participants of any age, who wish to increase their performance. You’ll improve core stability, build a firm base in which to create power, decrease injuries and improve posture. Classes are structured around individual sports such as: squash, golf, tennis, bowls …

Therapy 65

Remedial massage treatment for age related aches and pains. Progressive rehabilitation exercises to help recovery, and movement therapy to help counteract aging and maximise your body’s potential.

My Wellness Sicily

Relaxation, rejuvenation, fitness and culture in the sun at our villa in Agrigento, Sicily – stay with us as a B&B guest, rent the whole villa for a self-catering holiday or relax on one of our Wellness Retreats.

Your Trainer

Your Concept Fitness 65 trainer is Arthur, a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor with over 22 years health and  fitness industry experience. Ongoing qualifications include balance specialist and brain health trainer.